UI / UX design


Realcast is one of the key products of Realmax's software components. A web based tool to author Augmented reality content. The software had a number of issues that had a very negative effect on adoption rates among potential users. interface and backend was a mixup of various template files. Navigation was confusin, almost all pages has a different layout, language options often resulted in Chinese being displayed regardless of what the user selected. Users simply had no idea how to use the software. The overall impression and learning curve had a sever adverse effect on adoption rate.


I started by mapping out the entire hierarchy of the application, working with the team to translate every single piece of content from Chinese to English. I created card sorting for the navigation structure and conducted user testing to find a solution that would work. The next step was prototyping and coming up with a grid system that would offer the most flexibility for future add-on features, without cluttering the Editor interface too much. Created a strict elements style guide for developers to follow making sure all interactions. element styles, animations, fonts followed a uniform visual language.


The application has won several awards in China, user adoption rate has skyrocketed and Realcast is now one of the most used AR platforms in China. Several companies now use Realcast to create large scale AR projects, such as BMW, Carlsberg, Big Data Expo, TMALL, Intel.