Global Perspectives

Branding & Marketing material


Global perspectives (GP) is one of the biggest suppliers of trims for clothes, however their brand and product sample books were severely lacking and didn't provide potential customers with the image of a strong trustworthy brand. If you wear jeans there's a good chance the buttons and rivets where supplied by GP.


Together with the GP team I created a new brand identity based on what they wanted to communicate with the brand, it had to be expandable to other GP services and products.

I created a new brand identity, where typography, and the "perspective iris" is the redline throughout all brand extensions. Each extension has its own distinct color, as well as a name suffix.


Overall GP received much praise for the new brand, and customers can now clearly identify the various brands and products that fall under the GP parent brand.

The new sample books, and supporting marketing material increased customer conversion by more than 40%.